Huron Consulting Group
Senior Manager
Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to effectively showcase the Oracle Cloud supply chain module to prospective clients during the sales cycle, highlighting its capabilities and value proposition. This contribution has significantly increased client acquisition and revenue growth for the organizations I’ve worked with. I have a successful track record in managing Oracle Cloud supply chain implementation projects for prominent healthcare and higher education systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance. My expertise extends to driving successful implementations of various modules, including Procurement, Inventory, Costing, Manufacturing, and AP, which have resulted in enhanced operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for my clients. As part of my responsibilities, I spearhead all testing cycles (CRP, SIT, UAT), meticulously developing comprehensive test scripts, scenarios, Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), and configuration documentation to ensure thorough validation of system functionalities. To deliver actionable insights and meet client deliverables efficiently, I make adept use of advanced OTBI reporting capabilities, thereby significantly reducing technical expenses. My proficiency in leveraging CSV, FBDI, SQL, and Rest API configuration and data conversion tools has led to a remarkable 40% reduction in configuration timelines compared to initial estimates. This approach has effectively eliminated errors and minimized rework costs. In my role as a team leader, I manage and coordinate an offshore team across multiple time zones, ensuring timely project delivery and seamless support to clients. I have also taken the initiative to conduct training sessions on Visual Builder add-in for Excel, empowering teams with time-saving techniques and minimizing errors across all modules. Additionally, I have played a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of functional consultants through comprehensive training on SQL reporting. These training initiatives have enabled consultants to efficiently work with data and optimize data-driven decision-making processes, resulting in enhanced project outcomes.
The Hackett Group

As a seasoned professional with a focus on Oracle Fusion Cloud implementations and supply chain optimization, I have successfully managed global projects spanning various regions. My expertise lies in understanding the unique requirements of clients in specialized industries like metal alloy manufacturing and life sciences, enabling me to deliver tailored solutions that meet their needs.

I have led the end-to-end implementation of essential modules such as Product Information Management, Inventory Management, and Manufacturing for multinational clients. Through meticulous testing and configuration, I have driven operational efficiency and enhanced supply chain performance, providing comprehensive support to teams handling Order Management, Procurement, Costing, and Planning.

Throughout my career, I have leveraged advanced reporting capabilities and various data conversion tools to meet client deliverables effectively while minimizing technical expenses. By optimizing CSV, FBDI, and Rest API configuration processes, I achieved a remarkable 40% reduction in configuration timelines compared to initial estimates, significantly reducing errors and rework costs.

In addition to my technical proficiency, I have been instrumental in securing projects valued at $5M+ through successful product demonstrations that showcase the value and capabilities of Oracle Fusion supply chain solutions.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work has been managing an offshore team, ensuring on-time project delivery and continuous support across multiple time zones, while maintaining high levels of client satisfaction.

Palm Springs, Florida
Inventory Manager

As Inventory Manager, I control total inventory levels, and specifically, ensure that we don’t have excesses, shortages or losses. I enjoy managing millions of dollars of inventory with teams and warehouses in two countries.

My teams have reduced our “in process” inventory by more than 25% and more than quadrupled inventory accuracy to over 99%. In the process of creating those successes, the real fun has been teaching TQM to the warehouse staff, and watching them earn and enjoy the results they see on daily and weekly dashboards.

By modifying the consumption process, with one additional quality checkpoint for data entry errors, controlled by a cycle counting process and a backup Oracle alert, inventory accuracy errors were nearly eliminated. Not only did this result in $180 thousand labor savings due to reduced rework, it has also cut time for customer inventory audits, chargebacks for lost inventory, and eliminated cancelled or delayed work orders due to missing inventory.

Process Unit Manager

As Process Unit Manager I was responsible for three shifts of production in four manufacturing areas, with a direct team of 4 people managing 200+ line workers making 1 million finished goods weekly.

I was proud of my team’s 100% passing record in FDA, customer and social responsibility audits, along with our continuous improvement of weekly key performance indicator reports, and our easy to understand process flowcharts.

I had fun working with my engineers on projects like Cleaning In Place that reduced cleaning time by 75%, and implementing new tube production technologies and processes that tripled our production efficiency while reducing waste by 10% and labor expense per piece by 20%.

After working on new product launches worth more than $3 million, there is something amazing about watching the process go from a blue sky idea to a finished good on a store shelf. It’s a pride in your work that provides constant motivation to do better.


West Palm Beach, Florida
Investor Reporting Analyst

My team’s job was managing thousands of investor bank accounts and monthly payments based on loan package contracts. I was in charge of coordinating with two small US teams in two states, and two large teams in India, to provide forecasts for each account on balances and payments due, as well as wiring funds to investors. On a daily basis, I was accountable for more than $500 million in fund movements.

At the same time, we added hundreds of investor accounts and merged the two US teams to better balance the daily tasks. I managed to implement and automate several quality checkpoints while reducing the number of people involved in each work flow. This reduced labor requirements as well as mistakes.

In one instance, with VBA coding in Excel, I was able to reduce month end reporting from requiring three people, three days to complete, to only a single person working for 3 hours. This saved the company $120 thousand annually and eliminated rework due to data entry errors, even though we increased the accounts by 20% every month.


Palm Springs, Florida
Costing Manager

I began a string of projects and titles at Oxygen in May of 2011 when I officially started as a “Finance Intern.” It’s a classic (and kind of boring) title that doesn’t really tell you much about what a person does. But I was up to some amazing projects!

My very first project was to construct a method of standard costing that would allow the company to quote projects very fast, and without subjective variation. To do that, I had to poke my nose into every part of the factory and understand how everything fit together.

A few months later and I had a tool put together along with a long term roadmap for improvements that could be implemented as the factory implemented different scheduling and organization practices, and a much more interesting title: “Costing Manager”! I’m quite proud of the fact that four years later, the factory has changed scheduling practices, and my tool is still being used with only slight modifications.

Of course, once you know how to predict a standard cost, the goal is to reduce it. By working with multiple production departments, and implementing key performance indicators, overtime control, and payroll processes that standardized the labor management and used deeper analysis to predict and control costs, we identified over $1 million in annual savings.

None of that would have been possible had I not been in a position to mentor the Business Analysts, and with the help of HR implement internal and external TQM and Six Sigma training that would eventually be taught and used at all levels in the company.

Developed cost accounting methodology using Excel and Oracle

Build budget and expense control processes linked to cost accounting tools

Documented savings of $500,000 annually

Developed and trained staff on labor management processes such as weekly meeting for review of labor hours and payroll management

Mentored Business Analysts in TQM and Six Sigma methods

Skills and Certifications
Oracle Certifications
  • Payables 2021
  • Procurement 2021
  • Costing 2020
  • Inventory 2021
  • Manufacturing 2021
  • SCM Business Processes 2023
  • Procurement Business Processes 2023
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Microsoft Office

Word | Powerpoint | Excel | VBA coding

Training Business Analysts on formulas and Pivot Tables

FCC General Class licensed radio operator

KK4PWH | Active on 2M, 20M, 40M and 80M

President, Scuba Dive Club at University of Central Florida

Started club tradition of bi-annual meetings with UF, USF and UM clubs

Member of NACD Bio Team for cave exploration and conservation

Primary surveyor, contributing cartographer for Jug Hole Spring Source Tunnel map Jug Source Tunnel

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